We are now apart of two new “Blue Label” programs:

Kel-Tec’s HALO program. Majority of the company’s products are available for discount. The company does not have a designated information page for the program, as of right now. To see if you qualify for the program visit our Blue Label page. The program works like Glock’s Blue Label program where the guns that are available through the program are separate from what is available to the general public. Ask an employee as to what we have in stock. If we do not have what you are looking for in stock, we are able to do a special order.

Zenith’s Hero program. We currently do not have Zenith firearms in stock that fall under the program. We are expecting a shipment soon. Again, the program is like Glock’s where there is designated inventory for the Hero program. To find out more information about the program, and to see if you qualify, visit Zenith’s Hero page.

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