At the start of the New Year, our class schedule and content is changing but only slightly. We are dropping the phase titles and Phase 3 class and going back to simpler titles.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 are turning into Handgun Introduction and Intermediate Handgun respectively. We are maintaining the Co-ed and Ladies only classes.

Intermediate Handgun will be more than just one on one instruction. It will actually go deeper in to handgun training, reaction, and distance shooting. It will also be a group class.

We are reducing the frequency of the classes. The Co-ed Handgun Introduction classes will be held on the 1st Saturday and 3rd Monday of every month. The Ladies Only Handgun Introduction will not change from the 2nd Monday of every month. The Intermediate Handgun class will be held on the 2nd Saturday of every month.

Times are not changing. If the class is on a Monday, it will still be from 6pm to 9pm; if it is on a Saturday it will be from 9am to 11am.

Prices have not changed for the Handgun Introduction class. The Intermediate class will be $50 which includes handgun rental, ammo, eye and ear protection.

Private lessons will still be available. It will be up to the student to contact the instructor of his or her choice, to set up a date and time.

None of these changes will take effect until after the first of the new year.

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