Manufacturer Promotions

Every manufacturer wants you to buy their product. With so many choices, it is hard to choose.

To help make up your mind, some manufacturers conduct promotions or rebates. You can either mail in to receive gear, accessories, or even money. Below is a list off current promotions and rebates.

Armscor/Rock Island15Aug19-15Oct19Rock Island RebateActive
BrandDescriptionDurationFlyer LinkActive/Extended/Ended
Charter Arms1May19-31Oct19Charter Arms PromoActive
*Extended date reflected
Crimson TraceLifeCrimson Trace Batteries for LifeActive
Dead AirStarted 1Aug18Dead Air PromotionActive
EOTech15Sept19-31Oct19EOTech VuDu RebateActive
Federal1Aug19-31Dec19Federal RebateActive
FN1Oct19-31Dec19FN Five Seven PromoActive
Remington1Aug19-31Oct19Remington Shotgun RebateActive
Remington1Oct19-31Dec19Remington Rifle RebateActive
Savage1Oct19-31Oct19Savage Holiday PromoActive
Savage1Oct19-1Nov19Savage AccuFit RebateActive
Savage1Oct19-31Dec19Savage Double Barrel RebateActive
SCCY1Oct19-30Nov19SCCY RebateActive
TaurusEnds 30Nov19Taurus RebateActive
Winchester1Aug19-30Nov19Winchester Hunting RebateActive

*Be advised that we do not carry all brands listed but we may be able to special order it. 

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