Manufacturer Promos

Most manufacturer promotions and rebates are “mail in”. This means you either go online to their rebate site or you physically mail in a form with documents. Be sure to click the flyer link in the 4th column for full details of the promotion or rebate.

BrandDescriptionDurationFlyer LinkActive/Extended/Ended
Beretta1Mar19-30Apr19Beretta Silver Pigeon I RebateActive
Beretta 1Feb19-30Apr19Beretta APX RebateActive
Browning1Apr19-15Apr19Browning RebateActive
Crimson TraceLifeCrimson Trace Batteries for LifeActive
Daniel Defense1Apr19-30Apr19Daniel Defense Vortex Sparc PromotionActive
Daniel Defense1Apr19-30Apr19Not yet availableActive
Dead AirStarted 1Aug18Dead Air PromotionActive
Kahr1Feb19-31May19Kahr RebateActive
Remington1Feb19-30Apr19Remington RebateActive
Sig SauerTill 31May19Sig Sauer P320 RebateActive
Smith & Wesson1Jan19-30Apr19S&W Military RebateActive
Taurus 28Mar19-31May19Taurus G2c RebateActive
Winchester15Jan19-31May19Winchester Turkey Loads RebateActive
Winchester1Mar19-30Apr19Winchester Super X Pump RebateActive