Welcome to Shooters!


Shooters of Columbus is a full line Gun shop and shooting range specializing in most major brands of firearms. Shooters of Columbus has been serving the Columbus and Fort Benning area since 1995. Shooters is U.S. Army Veteran and Woman owned. We look forward to serving you and your needs. Our goal at Shooters of Columbus is to give you peace. Peace of mind with the ability and knowledge to be able to either have an enjoyable hobby or to be able to defend yourself if ever a need should arise.


Shooters carries many different types of guns including rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers and military surplus rifles. We also carry blue label Glocks. We are a class III dealer.

We offer layaways 20% down 90 days to pay it off. We can also special order items not in stock.

We take trade-ins, and therefore always have a good selection of second hand firearms in stock. We carry a great inventory of reloading supplies, including several brands of powder, primers and projectiles.
We carry a large selection of Liberty Safes.
We offer a military and law enforcement discount.


Indoor Range

Shooters has an 18 lane range, which is suitable for handgun calibers and shotguns. Rifles chambered in typical pistol calibers are allowed, as are all rimfire calibers. Black powder and muzzleloaders cannot be shot on the range.

Shooters must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by a parent or guardian. The cost is $5 for the first half hour and $3 for each additional half hour. Members shoot for free.

All shooters are expected to follow the three NRA basic rules of gun safety.

    • 1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.


    • 2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.


             3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.


A membership entitles you receive 5% off most items and free range time.

A membership can be purchased for $165 plus tax or you can get a free 6 month membership with a one time purchase of $500 or more. You can get a free one year membership with a one time purchase of $1000 or more.

The Well Armed Woman

We are the range location for the local chapter of The Well Armed Woman. To find more information or to join our local chapter please click here.