Inbound Transfers

At Shooters of Columbus Customer Service is our #1 priority. We try to stock a wide variety of products to suit your needs, but we are not always able to stock or find a particular gun. If you find a gun elsewhere, we are a happy to handle your transfer! Please complete the transfer form provided to the best of your ability. The name that is provided on the form will be the only person that is able to pick up the gun.

We do charge a transfer fee for every gun being transferred into us, and this fee is based on the value of the gun. Once we receive your completed transfer form, you will receive a confirmation email with the transfer fee that will be applied. Fees range from $35 to $55 for non-NFA items. All NFA items have a $100 transfer fee($75 for transfer fee, $25 for Silencer Shop Kiosk fee.)For NFA transfers, we automatically do it through the Silencer Shop Kiosk. Customers who provide us adequate information to complete the transfer online can simply pay the transfer fee upon pickup.

If the online system doesn’t suit you, you are welcome to come into the store and provide your information in person.

All ATF regulations apply for transfers, and they vary based upon the buyer’s residency status and the type of firearm being transferred…be prepared with appropriate ID’s, PCS orders, and/or carry permits.  If you have questions about what is required for your transfer contact us at,, or call us at 706-568-9313.