The Range

Q: Do you have to be a member to shoot on your range?

A: No. Our range is open to the public.


Q: Can people share a lane?

A: Yes. It is max 2 people per lane.


Q: Can you shoot rifles on your range?

A: Our range is pistol ammo and shotgun only. If your rifle is in a pistol caliber, then yes you can shoot it on our range. If it is in a centerfire rifle caliber (5.56, 30-06, 308, ect.) then no, you cannot shoot it on our range.


Q: Is there an age limit to shoot on your range?

A: Yes, minimum age to shoot on our range is 12. Be advised that if the shooter is 12-17, he or she is the parent or legal guardian’s full responsibility. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if the minor is not behaving or following the range rules. The minor must be with a parent or legal guardian. They cannot be with an adult friend, family friend, or random Joe off the street.


Q: Is there is dress code for the range?

A: No. However, there will be hot brass ejecting from firearms, so we advise to wear the proper clothing so you do not get burned. We also advise wearing closed-toed shoes.


Q: What are your prices/hours for the range?

A: Visit our range page for our price list & hours.


Q: Can you shoot air rifles on our range.

A: Yes.


Q:  Why does the range close earlier than the store?

A: This is because we clean up the spent brass and debris ourselves. The range has to be cleaned and locked by a certain time. Closing it down earlier than the store gives us enough time to make sure this happens.


The Store

Q: Do you sell guns/ammo? (We receive this question more often than you would think)

A: Yes


Q: Do you have layaway/What is your layaway policy?

A: Yes. Anything over $100 can be put on layaway. Our layaway is 20% down after taxes and 90 days to pay it off. There is no set payment after you pay the initial 20%. You are free to come in and make a payment anytime and in any amount during the 90 days. If you do not pay the layaway off within 90 days, any money put towards it is forfeit and the product goes back out for sale.


Q: Do you price match?

A: No.


Q: Do you buy/trade in guns?

A: Yes. You must bring the gun in to have one of our managers look at it. They will give you a price for it. We cannot give a price or estimate over the phone or online.


Q:  Do you sell used guns?

A: Yes.


Q: Do you sell Class III items?

A: Yes. Visit our NFA/Class III page for more information.


Q: Can I have a gun transferred to you/Can I use you to ship a gun?

A: Yes. You must fill out our inbound transfer form before the gun(s) arrive. You can come in store or fill it out online here.

For more information on how to complete an outbound transfer visit this page

We do charge a transfer fee based on the gun value. It can be anywhere from $35-$55. If it is a Class III item, the transfer fee is $100, firm. Outbound transfer fees are the same as inbound transfers plus shipping cost. It is your responsibility to know the gun laws of the state you are transferring the gun to. If you buy the gun from us and then have it transferred, we only charge you the shipping cost.


Q: Do you do gunsmithing?

A: Yes and no. We do minor work such as putting on sights, mounting scopes, minor trigger work, etc. We reserve the right to accept or deny work. We do not have a gunsmith on site. If you need any major work done we recommended All American Firearms.


Q: Do you carry parts?

A: We carry AR parts and Glock parts.


Q: Do you charge a fee to do a background check?

A: No. However, if you use us to complete a person-to-person transfer (a private transfer), we do charge a $35 fee to complete the paperwork and background check.


Q: Do you offer military/LE discounts?

A: Yes. Visit our discount page for full details.


Q: Do you carry Blue Label Glocks?

A:  Yes.



If you have any questions not covered here, please contact us by calling or through our Contact page.

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